The mission of the annual international conference "Ethics in Economic Life" from the first edition (9 V 1997) is a deepened reflection on the ethical aspects of economic life. We believe that the discussion will contribute to raising ethical standards and will strengthen the climate of trust by creating a kind of social capital, which is an important element of economic development.

The “Ethics in Economic Life” conference is the largest conference devoted to ethical aspects of economic life organised in Poland.

During the previous editions of our conference, presentations were presented by representatives of over 50 academic centers as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions. Starting from 2014, the conference has gained international character. The conference was attended by representatives of science from other countries, including : Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Israel, Germany, Estonia and the USA.

A variety of presentations shows interdisciplinarity and at the same time the universality of ethical aspects in science. Papers were delivered by leading ethics, representatives of the Church, government and local authorities, culture as well as financial institutions. The conference resulted in over 20 volumes of the periodical “Annales. Ethics in Economic Life”.

On May 23-24, 2019, the XXII conference "Ethics in Economic Life" will be held in Łódź..

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